A data collection project for automatic License plate detection and recognition

Currently, we are conducting a license plate data collection project. Initially, license plates on highways will be collected in many different conditions. The license plate data will then be used combined with machine learning to develop tools that have an ability to automatically recognize license plates.

Our engineers to conduct data collection
Our engineers conduct data collection

In recent years we have developed a machine learning model capable of detection and recognition of license plates in Viet Nam with high accuracy. With this model we have the ability to collect license plate data quickly and accurately. Currently, we have owned a dataset of hundred thousands of license plate images with many different conditions of size, light, resolution…

Our own License plate recognition model with high accuracy
Motorcycle license plates in our data library
Car license plates in our data library

We are pleased to cooperate with partners who need license plate data, or AI technology for traffic fines, security, smart cities, smart home and so on.

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